Setup and Repairs

Wiring / Pickup Swap $70.00AUD

Basic wiring and general pickup swap - Custom wiring incurs further costs.

Fret Polish $80.00AUD

Clean and buff frets to a brilliant shine, improves playing feel & string bending.

Setup / Service $100.00AUD

Change strings, check & adjust everything on the instrument to it's optimum performance (action, truss rod, intonation, neck angle (if applicable) pickup height, clean and condition/oil the fingerboard, check all solders/wiring, clean pots & tightened all screws etc.  

Replace & Cut New Nut $100.00AUD

Removal of the existing nut on the guitar. New nut cut to spec. and installed for optimum tone and playability. Nut material either Tusq, Graphite, Bone or Brass. 

Fret Dress, Recrown & Polish $150.00AUD

Levels the frets to remove those worn down flat spots after years of wear, eliminates fret buzz from uneven frets (high/low frets) Improves & restores correct intonation and smooth playing/feel.

Refret $400.00AUD

Either replace old worn frets or go for an upgrade to Jumbo size for a great new feel! - Many different fretwire options available.

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