How do I order my own custom guitar?

To place an order for a Brock guitar please contact us at brockguitars@gmail.com.

You will need to include your personal details such as:

  • name
  • email
  • the guitar model you're interested in purchasing

What customisations can I make?

Please note the Brock PHM Custom & PHM Standard cannot be modified as it is Peter Huss' Custom Signature Model.

All other Brock guitar models have custom options available and we are more than happy to discuss them with you!

Do I need to pay upfront?

When we have all the necessary details complete and you are ready to purchase, a direct bank deposit of 50% of the total guitar cost is required to secure your name and build on the Brock Guitars custom list.

This deposit covers the costs of materials needed to begin your custom build.

Once the transfer is complete your new Brock guitar will begin to come to life immediately!

How long will it take to build?

Generally build times take around 3-6 months. It can vary due to weather conditions & demand, etc.

Please remember these instruments are all completely hand crafted by Brock from start to finish; perfection takes time and is well worth the wait.

Brock Guitars was established in 2011 with a passion to create the highest of quality instruments for the most demanding of musicians.